Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Well, I didn't wallow...

Yesterday I managed to get a few things done.  It wasn't nearly enough, but it wasn't a totally wasted day.

  • went to bank - I am now officially out of money for this reno/move
  • took paperwork to AL Power re: water heater replacement
  • Priced and decided on floor for kitchen...  laminate for 0.79/sq. ft.  YES!
  • Painted the insides of kitchen cabinets
  • Finished cutting in living room so Unc could paint.
  • Found a refrigerator... if it's still there Friday, and we can figure out how to get it through the doors, I'm going back for it.
  • Met my neighbor K.  She's super nice, and they are renovating too.  
Unc managed to get the living room painted (first coat, gonna need 2 /sadface), fill the hole in the floor where the dishwasher goes, and spackle up some holes/cracks in the kitchen.  Maybe more, but I left before he did.  Had to pick up the baby and keep the older kids from killing each other.  Then I went to Walmart for yet MORE paint and caulk.  bleh.

Still haven't finished packing for the day.  My itinerary today is:

  • drop off baby with Memaw
  • go start cutting in 2nd coat in living room so Unc can repaint it
  • start packing last minute stuff
  • take ever growing pile of stuff to donate!
  • drop off lock w/ storage people!!  (I forgot... I hope they don't think these 5 days I'm late adds another month!)
  • Arrange for moving truck
  • disassemble Spencer's bed and Josi's bed so they will fit through the doors (and maybe the other beds too)
  • figure out if I want to get another labor estimate for laminate installation or do it myself.
  • If I want to do it myself, do I want to go ahead and buy enough for living room? (to be installed later)
  • Hope Nick shows up to help us! LOL
  • worry/procrastinate/freak out/etc....
Hopefully next time I see/talk to you, I will be done with the majority of moving, and be on to cleaning out the duplex to turn over the keys.  Wish me lots of luck!!


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