Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The day when you realize you only have 13 left...

Today is my *Oh Crap* day...
It's been building for a while, but it's really hit me this morning.
I'm in deep trouble.  /sigh
Here's what I still have LEFT to do ~

Living room:

  • prime and paint window seals
  • paint walls and trim
  • strip and repaint cabinets
  • paint walls and trim
  • reinstall chair rail
  • fix subfloor and install flooring
  • buy and install dishwasher & refrigerator
  • drop old gas lines
Utility room
  • texture and paint patch in ceiling
  • drop old gas lines
Girls' Room
  • paint closet and trim
Front Bathroom
  • fix subfloor and install flooring
  • take medicine chest down, put new mirror/lighting up
Spencer's Room
  • brace ceiling fan
  • fix loose outlet
  • switch closet door direction
  • replace closet door knob
My Room
  • switch door direction
My Bathroom
  • fix subfloor and install flooring
  • install medicine chest
  • paint
  • new vanity or sink so I can open the door all the way!
  • brace the tub so I don't fall through the bottom of it!
Whole House
  • clean carpets
  • clean and disinfect
  • have cable transferred and run
  • repair water damage and leaks from carport
  • repair damaged boards around the bottom of the house
  • fix wiring in shed
  • add a fence

  • Purge, Pack, and Clean!!
  • Have utilities turned off

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