Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"To Do" Tuesday

First, an update on what has been done.
Most of it isn't real apparent just by looking at the house, but was very important work.

Two roof jacks were replaced, along with the shingles around them.  I had soffit and fascia board replacement/repairs done in three places, then repainted.  Inside I have had all the outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms replaced with GFCI outlets.  I have had one outlet in the utility room rewired, and one completely installed (dryer).  In the attic, wiring was replaced, junction boxes installed, and all the exposed, hot wires have been nutted.  In the front bathroom, there was an exhaust fan present, but it only worked when the attic light was on.  That has been rewired and a new switch put in so it works right now.  The bar has had supports installed and leveled.  I have all the wall paper in the kitchen completely stripped, and the cabinet doors and drawers have been removed so we can strip the paint off them. I bought all the mini blinds for the house but haven't installed any of them yet.  Today, the guys will be working on more electrical work.

My To - Do List:
  • Unlock the door (lol - I know... but I'm dragging this morning, and it seems worse than it is)
  • Take Memaw to the bank
  • Get my hair "did"  :P
  • Go to my bank
  • Pay the last month's rent, and give notice
  • Call AL Power about the water heater install
  • Be productive rather than sluggy! (I can mark this off even though I didn't finish, right? lol)
  • Make a couple of returns to Walmart
  • Figure out how much paint I need!
  • Finish scraping kitchen windows
  • Peel up shelf liner/contact paper from cabinets
  • Attempt to hang mini blinds (Only got one done ~ Put the brackets in upside down, and Unc finished it for me)

I have a couple of things I want the guys to work on that I feel are "necessary" that we'll get to this week...
  • rotten wood and water displacement issue over the carport
  • previous leak damage over water heater (goes from roof all the way through to ceiling)
  • water heater install (going from gas to electric - we'll be hitting up memaw's in case of a storm!)
  • electrical

Everything else that I WANT to do to the house is contingent on the HVAC install and the amount of money left when that's done.  I still have to buy paint and supplies for the entire interior, flooring for the kitchen and front bathroom, plus a refrigerator and dishwasher.

I've been slacking in the picture department, but here's a couple...  

The kitchen windows seem to have been painted without the benefit of being taped off first.
There is a ton is brown paint on the panes.

I scraped the paint of the bottom twelve panes, the top twelve still need to be done.
You can't really tell a big difference, because they are filthy and have paint smeared on the outside too.

I'll try to get more pictures up soon.
I know you'd rather see those than see my "outloud thinking" and rambling! LOL

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