Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's up Wednesday...

Geesh.  Started my day to the baby snatching about 25 keys off the laptop keyboard.  That's what happens when you leave her to take a shower and mistakenly believe she's being good just because it's moderately quiet.  Everyone knows silence means bad things, but moderately quiet is supposed to be safe.  HA!

My guys got my plumbing issues sorted out yesterday.  That was a surprise.  I thought they were only going to be doing electrical.  So two leaks under the house stopped and kitchen sink has been reconnected.  Bad news is I need to have a vent line for the plumbing/sewage run, and the sub flooring in both bathrooms needs to be replaced.  Good news is that's all they saw that needed to be fixed or replaced.

About to head out the door to run errands:

  • Put rent check and notice in the mail (5 days late /sadface)
  • Go to the AL Power Office about the water heater
  • Make my returns to Walmart I never got to yesterday.
  • Make *another* bank run...  (that hurts)

And more crap I'm sure.  I'm dragging this morning, and don't want to do anything but sit and sleep.

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