Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"To-Do" Tuesday ~

I'm keeping it light today, because I just feel like crap.  I really hate having fibromyalgia...  My body can never keep up with my brain and the things I need to get done.  There seems to be no pattern to when I'll feel bad or when I'll be completely incapacitated.  I do know stress makes things worse.  So, just listing out what I have no choice but to accomplish.  If I get anything else done, BONUS!

  • unlock door
  • get water heater, and start guys working on install
  • get to bank (why does it seem like that's on EVERY single list??)
  • take oldest to orthodontist

10:00 am and 3/4 of the list done.  That's what I'm talking about!!
               Maybe I should only make short lists from now on so I can keep this feeling of accomplishment!!

2:00 pm "Welcome to Snagsville, where all your well laid plans hit snags!"
               The brand new water heater that was installed this morning is leaking from the top.  Power Co. says we can't just come get a new one.  We had to call their 1-800 service number and arrange to have a technician come check it out in place.  They charge you for the service call if they think it was your (or your installer's) fault.  No mention at ALL of whether they will replace it or not.  Technician is supposed to come tomorrow.

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