Thursday, October 20, 2011

Talking out loud...


I am so overwhelmed with this move and trying to finish the house that I'm paralyzed.  I'm stuck dead in the water thinking about everything that needs to be done.  I can't manage to prioritize, initiate a plan, or let go of the idea in my head that I wanted for the house once I finally moved in.  I've run out of energy and patience, out of money, and out of people to help.  Nick will only be available Friday and Sunday to move stuff, but Unc isn't off until Tuesday and Wednesday. So that leaves me without a moving truck for Nick, and without any HELP moving stuff for Unc.  I've been trying to fix the new house, clean and pack the old house, and I'm doing it with an almost 2 year old under my feet and three older children who won't help unless I turn into something akin to Mommy Dearest and Freddy Krueger mixed together.  I'm so completely over it all.

Even though I've moved at least 10 times, I'm having trouble figuring out what to do next.  I've been trying to go through things and purge as I pack.  This is going nowhere fast.

I have 4 boxes done.
I have a pile of crap stuff to take to donate.

Ridiculous.  /sigh

  • I think I need to leave all the stuff on the walls, because it won't be in our way while we move.
  • I think I need to start cleaning the junk off the TOP of the furniture, so it can be moved.
  • I think I need to get everything up off the floor so it won't be in the way when we move stuff.
  • I think I'm going to stick with leaving clothes in drawers, and just take them out of dressers to move.
  • I think the clothes in the closet can stay til we are done moving furniture.
  • I think I need to empty the pantry so it can be moved.
  • I think that means I need to make a meal plan and only leave out ingredients I will be using before the move.
  • I think I need to clean the sticky film left over from ugly contact paper out of the cabinets at the new house so my kitchen stuff will have a place to go even if the cabinet doors havent been finished yet.
  • I think I need to finish painting the livingroom before I move because I dont want to paint around furniture later
  • I think the kitchen being painted at the new house can wait til after the move if it has to because there wont be much in the way.
  • I think the kitchen floor needs to be taken care of ASAP so it's ready for the dishwasher and refrigerator.
  • I think I need to get off the computer, turn on some jams and GET MOVING!!

Wish me luck!!

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