Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hot water isn't really necessary, is it?

Um. Yes.
I happen to think hot water is *all that* plus a bag of Munchos.

So I started with a less than stellar gas water heater.  And I felt the urge to replace it.  And since the power company has a program where they give you a FREE water heater to switch from gas to electric, I kind of felt I was getting a good deal. I even managed to score a 50 gallon to replace the 40 that I got rid of.  With four kids (two of them being teenage girls) 10 extra gallons of hot water is an awesome thing.

I did the red tape dance to attain the FREE water heater.  I gave the contractors the puppy dog eyes to get them to pick it up and install it.  I gave thanks I didn't have to buy a new one.  Then it was installed.  And it leaked.  And we weren't allowed to just swap it out.  Nope.  Enter 1-800 #'s, scornful customer service, and random service technician.  Service technician's diagnosis?? "Well that ain't right..."

...  lolz

We get approved for a replacement, and told to get it we have to drive the old one 15 miles out of the way and swap it out.  You know, instead of taking it back to where we picked it up from in the first place.  ??  So I make a phone call to confirm this prior to making the trip, and no one actually knows what the procedure is to replace it.  So now I'm sitting at home in limbo waiting for final word.  What a crock.


The lady I called had to call someone else, but she kept going until she got an answer for me.  We were able to swap the water heater out at the same place we picked it up from.  Thank goodness.  The new water heater is installed and ready to go.

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