Monday, November 21, 2011

What?! 3 weeks?

(WARNING: this post contains gratuitous and copious amounts of CAPITAL letters for added emphasis)

I just can NOT fathom that I have lived in a home that I OWN for three weeks now.

I must have entered into the twilight zone or found a short cut in the space/time continuum.  It really doesn't feel like it's been that long.  I do have a few pictures I took before the move that I need to add.  I have zero pictures of after the move to add.  I have been doing much better keeping this place clean than I ever did at the old place.  (even after unpacking lots of boxes)  I can't explain the difference.  As much as I would like to contribute it to home ownership and a sense of pride, I think a lot of it boils down to the purging that took place, the additional space, and the fact that this place is brighter and more open than the other.  Sunshine and space realllllyyyy help my mood, and thus help with motivation.  It seems that I have developed a decent mode of attack for the week, but weekends are chaotic with ALL the kids home ALL day long.  So that's why I'm not running around with the camera this morning to update you and show my home off.  LOL  I hope you understand.

My illusion of moving into a finished and completely renovated home died a slow, cruel death as each day and each dollar slipped away.  Some things I have found DON'T bother me unfinished, and some things are grating on my nerves.

Taking a mental tour through the house, some things that are NOT done are:

  • Living room - trim still not painted
  • Kitchen - half painted with just one coat, no trim painted, no cabinets or drawers, never painted the countertop, never replaced or fixed the floor (missing, loose, and ugly tile)
  • Utility Room - Never finished the patch over the water heater, never rehung cabinet or shelves
  • My Bathroom - the only room in the house not painted at all, no medicine chest installed
  • My Bedroom - trim still not painted, door swing direction not changed
  • Spencer's Room - trim still not painted, closet door swing direction not changed, ceiling texture not fixed
  • Front Bathroom - trim still not painted, floor still rotting away, tiles still loose and missing
  • Girls' Room - trim still not painted

Some things in general that never got done:

  • The rotting wood along the sides of the house hasn't been replaced
  • The water drainage issue along the carport was never taken care of
  • Never got a Termite Bond
  • Still no home owner's insurance policy (still not sure anyone will ever cover it)

Some things I'd like to get to sooner or later:

  • All the things that never got done - LOL
  • Getting a lawn mower
  • Demolishing the mosquito breeder dilapidated, unused water feature
  • Finishing/repairing the wiring in the shed
  • Adding an outside electrical outlet for holiday decorations (in case I ever start to like holidays)
  • A new deck or patio out back, close to the house
  • Complete and total remodel of the kitchen and both bathrooms
  • Replace all the door frames and facings, and all the molding and trim throughout the house.
  • New flooring in the whole house
  • Vinyl siding
  • Metal roof
  • Landscaping
  • Fill the hole in the driveway and have some cement/concrete poured
If your eyes haven't glazed over and you're still with me, thank you, and be on the lookout for pictures soon. I won't commit to an actual day, but they are on my list!!


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