Friday, September 23, 2011


Today is the first day that actual WORK is being done at the house!  I'm having all the outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms brought up to code by replacing the existing ones with GFCI outlets.  I spent a couple of hours over there this morning pulling ugly wall paper down.  Take a look at what I'm dealing with:

The overall effect ~

Every. Single. Shape. is a separate piece of wallpaper ~

They don't come off in big sections ~

And the wall underneath??  It's FLESH colored.  O.o

That's as far up as I could reach >.>  

My pile!  (I already threw away a Walmart bag full)

But, I am soo glad  -  It feels good to be moving forward and doing something rather than just talking and worrying!

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  1. Awesome Lisa. You are really showing that house who is boss.