Sunday, September 18, 2011

Very Discouraged.

Every time someone comes to look at the house, the news gets worse, and I get more and more discouraged.  :(

I tried to approach this whole "buy a house" deal with caution.  I tried to educate myself along the way and make good decisions.  When this property came up for sale and I looked it over, I knew I needed a home inspection.  I paid $225 for someone to look it over and tell me what all was wrong so I would know what needed to be done now, and what will need to be done within the next few months and years.  Fast forward to now...

I honestly thought the inspector was on MY side, and wouldn't sugar coat or downplay the amount of work that would be needed.  I really thought I had made a decent investment, and that every dime I spent would increase the value of my home, and prepare it for future resale.  I've had two carpentry/woodwork walk-throughs and an electrical walk-through.  The inspector just barely scratched the surface.  He gave me a "best-case" scenario of what was wrong with the house.  Not a "worst-case" scenario or even a realistic view of what would need to be addressed in order to live in this house.

I'm terrified that it's only going to get worse.  I have yet to get a roofer or a plumber out to have a look.  The woodwork people haven't pulled away the outer layer to get to what's underneath.  I'm truly afraid that I'm going to spend every dime I have, plus some, and still be left with a sub-par home that is dangerous for me and the kids to live in.

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