Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One little baby step...

Not much headway made on the house.  Today I managed to get the power in my name.  My intentions were to also record the deed and get the water in my name, but I just didn't make it that far.  Good news is I didn't have to pay a new deposit for the power.  I only have to pay a $40 transfer fee.

Now for the bad news.  We had people come out and look at the house today.  The water damage is more involved than I was counting on.  And that's just what we can see.  There's no telling what's covered up.  At this point, the recommendation is for a new roof, plus siding, soffit, & fascia repairs/replacement, and new windows.  That is on top of needing electrical work, plumbing work, and some sort of HVAC.  It has central heat/ furnace, but it's non-operational at this point, and air conditioning was window units that aren't with the house anymore.  ALL of that is just the safety/functional work.  There is also a TON of cosmetic stuff that should be done, but isn't necessary.

I'm completely overwhelmed.  There is no way I can afford all of this right now prior to moving in.  :(


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