Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's "To-Do" List

  • Get gas turned on 
  • Schedule exterminator - Today 2 pm
  • package to Tasha
  • pay bills 
  • donation to goodwill/women's center
  • get light fixture and/or ceiling fan
  • get floor scraper
  • heating inspection/estimate = Thursday
  • record Deed = before 10/01
Also fit in a trip to the curb market for fruit and a visit with my grandmother!

Well, as usual these days, we have hit another snag.  The gas guy came out but couldn't hook the meter up or turn it on.  He didn't have the right pipe or the tools to make one.  That means bright and early tomorrow, I get to be at the house again so a "fitter" can turn it on.  This makes 3 phone calls, 3 days, an email, and a home visit (will be 2) just to get the gas turned on at the house.

Good thing is they can also inspect the furnace while they are there.  Why didn't I ask if that was possible from the get-go?  I guess that's lesson # 3 - the gas company can and will inspect your gas appliances for free.  Today he looked at the water heater and said that the repairs the home inspector said were necessary really aren't.  wtf-really?  /sigh

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