Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Before pictures, HGTV Help!!

Front view of the house
Living Room from front door

Living room from kitchen

Kitchen from living room
Kitchen from utility room
Utility room from kitchen

Source of many headaches!

Rear view of house

Much needed storage in the back

Bedroom 1 (probably the girls') from door

Showcasing the lovely paint job...
the flower "portrait" is the breaker box for the house

Front bathroom, again with the custom paint...

from the bathtub, so you can see the peeling up linoleum tiles

Bedroom 2 (probably Spencer's)

wondering why the closet opens in the direction...

tiny window unit that was included in the sale...

Rear bathroom.  All mine ~ O.o
How do you like that custom cabinet built into the tub surround?  

Cramped, ugly floor, nasty toilet, etc.

Accordion fold door on the closet, and NO mirror/medicine cabinet

My room from the door ~

My room from the bathroom

The entrance to my room... nice view, eh?  

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